Who We Are?

We have modeled our Worship after the first Church as we find these components listed in Acts 2:42

The Study of God's Word

Whether it is in the form of Sunday School, a Sunday sermon, a King’s Club lesson, or a Wednesday night study, God’s Word is a centerpiece in our gatherings. We strive to “correctly impart the Word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15), strictly adhering to it as our authority. Our pillars of belief may not coincide with some of todays popular views. We prefer Biblical integrity to popularity.

The Warm Fellowship of Believers

As a small church, we are deeply connected, and share in each other’s joys, sorrows, and concerns. We are strengthened by meeting together in our commitment to our Savior, our endurance in life, and our efforts to serve our fellow man. With “the harvest great, and the workers few,” (Matthew 9:37), we eagerly welcome all who enter our doors.

The Lord's Supper

We partake in Communion each Sunday. We “do this to remember, and announce the Lord’s death” (1 Corinthians 11:23-26). Through the Lord’s Supper, we examine ourselves as we appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice for the world. We count Communion a privelege, and utilize it as a means for believers to draw closer to Him and each other.

Seek God in Prayer

Each week we spend considerable time in prayer. This takes place corporately, and individually throughout the week. We are not lost on the incredible thought that our King wants us to approach Him in petition, praise, and conversation. We have been invited to “pray about everything.” (Phillipians 4: 6-7)

Missions supported by WCC

Hasten International

Hasten International is a medical mission that sets up clinics to heal body and soul of poverty stricken people in Africa, India, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Haiti. Doctors heal the sick thru the week and have church at the clinic on Sunday.

Extended Hand

Extended Hand is a prison ministry serving those inmates in the Indianapolis area, many of them are teens. Many each year are brought to Christ through the teaching and encouragement of Lee Ladd while serving their time.

Southwest India Mission

Orphans and children of parents that cannot afford to raise them are brought there to be raised at this Christian facility. The mission faces many obstacles from Hindus and Muslims. No government support is available to them, only the gifts of churches and friends.

Christian Student Foundation

Christian Student Foundation at Ball State University serving the spiritual needs of students from all over America and many other countries. Students hold leadership positions and are involved in the work of the Campus House ministry. Each year students accept Christ and lives are changed. Education of the mind and of the soul is the mission of Campus House.


Camp LRCA is a Christian camp serving this region for children of all ages. The Camp has schedules for each age group. From younger day camps to week long day and night camp for older children thru teens. The idea is that being a Christian is about having fun while learning about Jesus.


The International Disaster Emergency Service is active around the world, providing funds thru the Christian Churches at the disaster site areas that serves as a positive influence for Christ in those hard hit areas.

Oblong Children's Christian Home

Oblong Children’s Christian Home provides a family environment for children at risk. Houses are built with house parents in each home providing the only home atmosphere many of them have ever known. The kids go to public schools are involved in after school activities and experience the, ”God intended,” family life.

Our Mission:

Reach out to the lost of this world.